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Our core values are the core of our beliefs, linked to the guidelines that God gave us at the founding of KKI in 1976. These values are rooted in the Word of God, the Bible and form in our hearts solid foundations about relationships, styles of life and the way we express ourselves in ministry.

In our ministry we give special importance to the values acquired in biblical principles. These values define our identity, purpose, way of making decisions, and guidelines for loving and serving God and our neighbors.

  • We value our relationship with God as our top priority, growing to know Him more intimately and bring Him joy.

  • We value training through discipleship and its application in daily life.

  • We value the spiritual capacity and destiny of children, preteens and adolescents.

  • We value family.

  • We value the integration and connection of generations.

  • We value community, connecting and being family with other followers of Jesus.

  • We value team leadership, networking and camaraderie.

  • We value a lifestyle of outreach making Jesus and His Salvation known to all people, serving in ways that can extend His Kingdom to all spheres of global society.

These seven core values are a representative summary of all the values used in KKI training and education.


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